When in doubt ask yourself "What would Ashley Judd do?"

You can't go wrong. If you emulate the actions of one of her movie characters like Kate in Kiss the Girls, you will heroically kick some butt, save innocent victims, and triumph over evil. And if you emulate her real life actions, you will raise your voice against cyber-trolls. Currently she's taking time out of her busy schedule each day to press individual criminal charges against every sadistic slime bag targeting her via Twitter.

How did this elegant actress who stays out of the tabloids end up the target of trolls? She made a sports comment on Twitter that caught their attention and they swarmed. While a normal sports fan can get heated and over-react to a comment about their team - the Twitter messages she got were a long way from "Shut up you whiner". The trolls personal attacks are so savage that she had to take a deep breath and go all Ashley Judd on em.

Brilliantly she re-tweeted their comments to shed light and reveal their criminal abuse and then she went to the police. She is not backing down and she's fighting to take back our social media.

Are you familiar with the laws in place to protect you?  Click Here for Internet Abuse Laws to find out what you can do to stop online abuse if you find you or your business targeted by trolls.

Don't leave Ashley hanging' let's all back her up.



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